We have implemented a robust shipping process to guarantee secure delivery across the United States. Our approach involves utilizing tamper-evident packaging and collaborating with reputable shipping partners who specialize in international shipments. Furthermore, we provide tracking information, enabling you to monitor the progress of your consignment. You can rest assured that we take every precautionary measure to ensure that all merchandise arrives at its destination without any complications.

To ensure discreet and confidential delivery, we employ a discreet shipping method for shipments across the world! YES WE OFFER WORLD-WIDE DISCREET SHIPPING. The initial step involves meticulously packaging the boxes to safeguard their contents and maintain confidentiality. Subsequently, the package is discreetly labeled, concealing any information about its contents. Finally, we furnish tracking information, allowing you to monitor the package’s journey while maintaining complete confidentiality and discretion throughout the entire process. Additionally, our global logistics network is designed to facilitate seamless and efficient transportation, ensuring your package reaches its destination promptly. We leverage cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to optimize routing, minimize delays, and mitigate potential risks during transit. 

Our dedicated team of logistics professionals at VAPE CARTS DISPOSABLE STORE closely monitors every shipment, proactively addressing any concerns that may arise. Discretion and confidentiality are paramount in our operations, and we go to great lengths to protect your privacy. From secure data handling to discreet packaging, every aspect of our process is meticulously designed to safeguard your information and maintain the utmost confidentiality. You can trust that your shipment will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and care, ensuring a seamless and discreet delivery experience.


Please be advised that the estimated delivery timeframe may vary contingent upon the destination country. Specifically, orders shipped within United States can be expected to arrive within a maximum of 2-3 days, while those destined for the European Union, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom may require 5-7 days for delivery. It is imperative to note that national and religious holidays could potentially result in delays in package arrival.

Rest assured, your order will be meticulously packaged with discretion to safeguard your privacy and ensure protection. All products available on our website are readily available for immediate shipment. Furthermore, all orders are promptly dispatched within 1-3 hours after payment confirmation, between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM. Any payments confirmed after 4 PM will be processed and shipped the following business day. Orders placed on Sundays will be dispatched on the subsequent Monday. We are committed to ensuring that your order is shipped with utmost efficiency and expediency.


In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong product or the shipment does not meet your expectations, simply notify us so we can arrange an exchange. This will be processed as soon as we have received and checked the incorrect product. If after 7 business days you don’t receive your product, we’ll either reship your parcel or provide you with a full refund. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.

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